Becoming an expat is as exciting as it is frightening. A life in a new place can bring all kinds of new things and issues to deal with: cultural differences, sorting out health care, cost of living, finding proper schools for children, learning the language, establishing a social network, finding the hippest place to dine and getting to know about places where you can take your kids...


Becoming Nashvillian is the story of a Swiss family and their journey on how to settle in Nashville and explore Music City. It gives guidance, ideas and inspiration on how to make the most of this adventure.

You haven't seen Nashville, if you did not take at least three mural selfies. Popping up on every corner of the city, Nashville murals are taking over the city, offering some of the most instagramable photo ops in town. Find below my personal favorites....

#1 Dozen Bakery

Almost everywhere else in the world, bread in some form is the centerpiece of the meal. You can get pitas in Greece, tortillas in Mexico, naan in India, focaccia in Italy, baguettes in France and pretzels in Germany. But here in America it seems not alwa...

The truth is, although I like to picture myself as an adventurous mom, I prefer to rely on basic amenities and a minimum standard of comfort. The last time I slept in a tent was 20 years ago when I was attending summer camp with the scouts. But when my daughter kept n...

Working from home doesn't seem to work for me. There is always an excuse that keeps me from writing: doing laundry, opening the fridge to eat some nonsense,  calling my folks back home in Switzerland or (in most of the cases to be honest) looking another episode of the...

It took me three attempts in order to finally fall for this seemingly boundless city. During my previous visits I was somewhat blinded by the downside of urban expansion, air pollution and heavy traffic congestion. However this February we had the chance to experience...

We just got back from spending a week in New York City. I have visited the Big Apple many times before, preferably with my husband or my best friends (check out my friend’s blog post about our girls trip to NYC last December). 

This time we decided to go as a...

Unless you’ve been to a show at the Bluebird Cafe, it’s very difficult to describe the exceptional atmosphere in this music venue and why so many people in the audience respond in an overly emotional way (I literally had to cry).

Part of it is probably th...

Getting a boy's first hair cut can be quite an emotional step for a mom  - "now my son is gonna turn from a baby boy into a little man" - if it was that easy...hahaha.

Although I kind of like my little son's blonde curls, I’ve always prefer...

These days, when the weather gets warmer, the birds start twittering outside the window and spring flowers emerge from the earth, it is tempting to start thinking about a nice picnic. I think there is nothing more relaxing than spreading your blanket on a green meadow,...

Too lazy to go to the store and buy all the ingredients to make breakfast at home? Not in the mood for cleaining up afterwards? Then The Pfunky Griddle is the perfect place for you. It does all the prep and clean up and leaves the fun stuff to you!

All you can...

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We are a family from Berne, Switzerland who moved to Nashville in July 2017. Ever since we have been trying to get familiar with the American way of living and even more with working off the list of things you have to do before you can officially call yourself a Nashvillian...


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