Titan up, it's game day: take your family to watch football

February 8, 2018


Until we moved to Nashville, tailgating had a total different meaning (aka drive too closely behind another vehicle...). It needed a good friend of ours to introduce us to the fact that tailgating is one of the most fun events to join for you and your family. All you have to do is pack a small BBQ, some burgers and buns, chilled beer, beach chairs and off you drive to the huge parking lot in front of Nissan Stadium*. There you will find a crowd of extremely peaceful and cheerful people celebrating the anticipation of the forthcoming game. Your kids are able to run around and play with the fan merchandises while you sip on your beer and have a chat with your tailgating neighbors. Apparently many people even watch the game in the parking lot on their portable TV screens.



Good to know


However we had tickets for our first time ever football game as a family. Children under age two may be held in an adult's lap and are not required to have an event ticket, kids over age two pay the full price. You can buy single game tickets online or directly from the Titans Ticket Office by visiting the windows on the East side of Nissan Stadium next to Gate 1.


Be aware that no backpacks or purses are allowed in the stadium. You may bring personal items in all styles of clear bags as long as they are 12" x 12" x 6" or smaller (bags are available at the Titans Locker Room next to Gate 1).


Most of the seats do not offer any shades which means that it can get very hot during summer months. The following website shows recommended seats for kids and family.


Love is in the air


Once in the stadium and sitting on your chairs, there is a whole bunch of light-hearted diversion to the main game going on. During any timeout or similar downtime there will be cheerleaders dancing and swinging their pom poms , loooots of on-screen propmotions, side games and of course the very popular kiss cam! So if you do not want to be seen with your mistress, you better hide when the camera starts scanning the crowd and selecting a couple who's image is being shown on the jumbotron screens of the stadium (the couples obviously are then invited to kiss one another, encouraged by the cheers and whistles of the rest of the audience).


All these distractions make it actually hard to keep track of the few minutes the game is one before another break is taking place. Not to speech of the rules which we still did not manage to grasp even after this game! However all these activities help that your kiddos won't get bored and keep sitting through the whole three hours. 


In any case it was a great and fun experience which we strongly recommend for families with kids!



*Note that for Tennessee Titans home games, ALL Nissan Stadium parking lots require a Titans-issued parking pass. There are no cash lots on Nissan Stadium property and if you do not have a Titans-issued parking pass, your vehicle will not be allowed on to the campus. Titans single game parking tickets can be purchased on several websites and prices may vary between $30-120.








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