ModerNash: the easy way to furnish your new house

The task of creating a home in a different country is not always easy. The first thing we had to decide even before we left our home is whether or not to bring our own furniture.

The pros of bringing your own furniture with you

#1 It will save you the hassle of buying new furniture.

#2 You will have the comfort of being surrounded by your own personal items along with the memories you have created with them. The process of making a home away from home will be easier. This might otherwise be difficult if you are not used to the different materials, forms or textures available in your new country.

#3 You won’t have double of everything when you move back to your native country.

#4 You don’t have to worry about where to store your furniture and the associated costs.

The cons of bringing your furniture with you

#1 You will have to undertake the huge task of packing, moving, and shipping your belongings. Yes, you do have companies that will do that for you, but all this still needs to be supervised to achieve the results you want.

#2 You will have to put some time into organising the whole process. There will be loads of paperwork.

#3 You will go back to an empty home on holidays if you still have your house in your native country.

#4 Your new residence might not be the same size in which case some furniture will not fit anymore.

#5 Your goods can be damaged in transport.

#6 It might not always be cheaper to bring your things once you account for the cost of packing, moving, shipping, and unpacking, plus insurance and duties.

We finally decided in favor of buying new furniture, which turned out to be the best idea ever - not least because our son Carl is playing out his (almost) terrible twos at its max by re-painitng randomly any wall, torturing the dining table with fork and spoon and cleaning his snotty nose at the sofa.

IKEA furniture handed on a plate

If you are looking for an easy and price worthy way to furnish your new home in Nashville, we highly recommend ModerNash, Nashville's independent IKEA home furnishings distributor (the closest IKEA store is located in Memphis which is a minimum 3h drive). They offer personal shopping, fast delivery and assembly of IKEA furnishings. They even have a showroom that displays most of IKEA's top selling products which are available for immediate purchase.

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