Preschool play at NGTC: best place for kids to go wild

Before we moved, everyone kept telling me how mild and short winters are in Nashville. After the 4th week in a row with temperature below 15 (I am speaking of °F ... not °C!), we definitely were longing for a place where the kids can dissipate their excess energy. Luckily a friend of mine introduced me to the preschool play at the Nashville Gymnastics Training Center (NGTC).

Who let the dogs out

Every Wednesday (during the months of August-May) from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM the NGTC opens the doors to the public. During this time boys & girls aging from 18 Months - 5 Years can completely go wild (costs are $10 for the first child, and $5 for siblings). This place is designed to get the kids out of the house and give them a fun and safe place to play. Preschool Play is an open gym style class where kids will have the opportunity to explore the gym and play on equipment of their choice: jumping on the trampolines, hanging on the high and monkey bars, swinging at the rings or walking the balancing beams. Believe me when I say that your kids gonna be super exhausted and ready for a nap after spending two hours in this gym.

There are even coaches around who supervise and spot necessary skills for safety. Last time we went, a young woman helped my daughter to practice turning a cartwheel. This was great, not only because she had much more pertinence with my girl than myself, but even more so because then I had my hands free to help my fearless son balancing the beam hovering 5 feet above the floor...

This is literally one of the greatest places to join on a rainy day or just to get kids moving!

Stop by Dose. Cafe for a refreshment

If the kids did no fall a sleep right away back in the car, I highly recommend to stop by Dose. (only few minutes away from NGTC) in order to enjoy some great coffee and snacks. Their Avocado Toast tastes heavenly and the Quinoa Salad is just delicious. For the kids there are available different types of bagels (and muffins... if they did behave during lunch, lol).

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