Scout's Barbershop: transforming my boys into handsome dudes

Getting a boy's first hair cut can be quite an emotional step for a mom - "now my son is gonna turn from a baby boy into a little man" - if it was that easy...hahaha.

Although I kind of like my little son's blonde curls, I’ve always preferred a short haircut, not least because it’s hell easier to get the peanut butter out of shorter hair! However I was anxious about him getting this boringly conventional boys hair cut and was therefore looking for an appropriate place to take him.

Turning three generations of Swiss guys into handsome dudes

It was not until my husband finally got his hair done at Scout's Barbershop and told me they also do a kid's cut ($ 20) that I took my son to this place. I have to admit, they are not a tailor-made children's salon with kids sized motorcycle-styling-chairs, pop corn, games and movies. But from what I have experienced so far with my daughter, this does not really help either if your child is having a rough day and I definitely prefer a good outcome than a "GREAT EXP-HAIR-IENCE".

And the stylist at the Scout's Barbershop did not disappoint. Neither with my son, nor with my husband or father in-law (I guess this place in Nashville has the highest density of Swiss guys getting their hair cut, lol). Without making a big fuss and an enjoyable calmness they perform their skills and achieve great results, no matter the age of their client.

The best thing is, they serve locally roasted coffee (Barista Parlor coffee) and, if you intend to get your own hair cut, I recommend their brewed craft beer. So go there thirsty and enjoy a free cold brew while you get your cut!

Make it a success

Getting your toddler's hair cut can be a pain in the ass. In order for your kid's first (or every subsequent) haircut is going to be a successful cut, here’s a few things that I highly recommend:

#1 Make sure the kid is well rested (our best shot is right after a nap).

#2 Feed your kid well before entering the salon (you do not want them eating food with a bunch of freshly cut hair-ends on it).

#3 If applicable, bring the pacifier (in order to sooth them).

#4 Choose a time which will not be very busy in order to avoid long lines. We normally go first thing in the morning, before they have a chance to get a wait (avoid Saturdays as they are usually very busy!).

#5 Pack a lollypop (you might use it to help the kid stay happy).

#6 AND, most importantly, take your iPad with your kid's favorite show or movie (which in my son's case - no judgement please - is Frozen (he is in love with Elsa :-)

With this little preparation and maybe even a little more luck, the visit at the hair salon will turn out to be a satisfying and fun event for both you and your kid!

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