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Working from home doesn't seem to work for me. There is always an excuse that keeps me from writing: doing laundry, opening the fridge to eat some nonsense, calling my folks back home in Switzerland or (in most of the cases to be honest) looking another episode of the Nashville TV show...(no judgement please). That's why I started to check out different cafés in order to work, thereby combining many of my favorite things to do: getting out of the house to meet new people, exploring a part of the city's culinary scene and stimulating my need for caffeine.

Furthermore I recently read that when it comes to stimulating your brain, research suggests that your best work might be achieved within the walls of your favorite café (isn't that great)! Therefore I would like to introduce you to my favorite cafés in town, not only for work but also to enjoy some great coffee.

Frothy Monkey 12 South

Frothy Monkey

This is literally my second home, not only because it is just a few steps away from where I live but mainly because this place makes me feel like home. They have the friendliest and most obliging staff with an everlasting smile on their face. I love to sit at their outside bar, observing all the people walking by while enjoying some fresh morning air.

Portland Brew

Just down the road from Frothy Monkey, this is another place in the 12 South neighborhood to get delicious coffee. The interior of this café is straight forward, no fancy knick knack but their coffee is one of my favorite and the atmosphere is very pleasant to work (most of the people come here to work, so not too much chatting going on).

BOX - Bongo + Bakery On 10th


Although at a first glance this place seems to have a bit a reserved ambience, it offers three big advantages: It is definitely less noisy and busy than others (like for example Frothy Monkey) which makes it easier to focus on your work. It furthermore has the best avocado toast in town (although there is enough garlic in it to even scare Dracula away). And lastly they have a nice little play corner for kids (if you need to drag them along while you are supposed to get some work done).

Bongo Java

Apparently this place is Nashville’s oldest coffeehouse. It is located in the Hillsboro Village, just next to the Belmont University, therefore mostly crowded with students and faculty staff. I like to go there because it is one of the few cafés in town, which has a nice little terrace allowing me to work outside (at least during these few days when it is neither too hot nor too cold to be outside...).

Three Brothers Coffee

Three Brothers Coffee

This West End coffee house is not only known because it offers one of Nashville's famous photo ops for your Insta feed, but mainly because it has an extremely enjoyable atmosphere and a wide range of different coffee specialties. Another plus: They have a big free parking lot in the back so you do not need to circle the neighborhood to catch a rare slot (which is quite a common hassle in this area).

8th & Roast

The café is located in the Eighth South neighborhood and, extremely convenient for me, just next door to my hairdresser Local Honey (ask for Bre Butler she does an amazing job) as well as to Anastacia Skin Studio (great for skin care treatments and eye brow wax and tint). This place is home to its own craft coffee roaster with more than 70,000 lbs. of coffee roasted in-house per year.


You can find the Dose. café either in the West End neighborhood or in East Nashville. It offers a small but delicious menu of breakfast and lunch dishes mainly consisting of made-in-house sandwiches and salads (I love their quinoa salad and their avocado toast is extremely tasty). They even running their own Truck, bringing the highest quality coffee bar service to all the Nashvillians.

Barista Parlor

This artisan coffeehouse serves very high-end coffee and espresso. Their coffee-brewing-process almost compares to a piece of art (or surgeons working extremely focused on a patient, lol). I love their cold brew and working in this plain, simple, industrial chic ambience turns out to be very productive. You can find this hip place either in East Nashville, in the Gulch and or in Germantown.


Only after the Nashville TV show character Scarlett O'Connor starts bringing Crema coffee to her boyfriend Caleb I got familiar with this local café. And I am very happy I got to know this place, because I love to work at the window bar table, overlooking the famous pedestrian bridge and the Nissan Stadium. And here I go again raving about yet another yummy avocado toast (by now I guess you figured I am a huge fan of avocado toasts!). Last but not least you can enjoy the great view from their nice terrace.

CREMA Coffee Roasters

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